5 Things You Should Keep in Your Garage

5 Things You Should Keep in Your Garage

Garages are more than just places to store your car and keep it safe from bad weather. Some garages can be used by homeowners as places to work - a garage is spacious and offers enough room for your car, and can hold a workstation to house your tools.But there are 5 things you should keep in your garage.

1. Water Pump

When people think about having a water pump in your garage, you would assume that it could just be for your house or your garage, and you might be right. A garage could be the best place to house the water pump responsible for delivering water into your house's tank. But there are many different types of water tank. Some garages are prone to flooding after heavy weather, but many garages come with drains or a sloped floor to make it easy for the water to wash out.

Some garage owners can install a simple pump(you can check the video) after doing some work in the garage - painting the floor of the garage with epoxy to seal everything up though this often takes a week to dry properly, and should be done after checking the weather forecasts, and waterproofing the garage itself before digging a sump pit in the garage floor to collect the water. Sump pits are just basically holes designed to catch water and other spilled liquids, and while they are usually found in basements and connected to sump pumps that are designed to pump the liquids away to prevent overflowing, they can be found in other places, like a garage.

But water pumps can also be essential for a car. Also known as the coolant pump, a water pump is important for the running of your car and keeping it running at a safe temperature. A car water pump is driven by a belt, and if the pump fails then it will need replacing since without coolant the engine will likely seize and cause irreparable damage, and without the belt in place the steering will become hard and the battery will be drained. Granted, unless you are a garage owner with a good knowledge of car mechanics, then it is not recommended to install yourself.

2. Water Heater

One requirement for water heaters in a garage is that it is far away from a vehicle, or is placed on a pedestal, and must be anchored to the wall to keep it stable. In the US, the most common and cheapest method for water heating is natural gas because it's piped through towns and cities.

One of the reasons a water heater in the garage is beneficial is because it is easy to get to compared to having a heater in the attic. But a heated garage is a benefit for people working on different projects, though having the garage insulated so the heat isn't lost through the doorway or through the walls is a good idea.

3. Air compressor

It's useful to have because you might have a flat tire on your car. Picture it - you have a long day at work ahead of you, you have to go to an important meeting that you definitely need to attend, and you know you will need your car to be working perfectly. Then you go to your garage, and you find the car's tires are flat or well on their way to becoming flat.

Enter the air compressor - it will pump up the tires and you're ready to go. It's a simple fix, but there are other uses - it can also be used for dusting down surfaces. You can also use it for power tools, but a 3 gallon compressor can be used to power sprayers for various projects.

Air compressors are actually very inexpensive and easy to find, so if you depend on your car a great deal, then it's an essential thing to have in your garage. Even without a car an air compressor is useful.

4. Pellet or wood stove

Like the water heater, a pellet or wood stove installed in the garage can heat it up. A wood stove will need a lot of work to stoke up, but it gets warm fairly quickly. A pellet stove is another heating medium, with pellets running about $200 and up per ton which should last you a season. Best pellet stove can cost around $1K, but there are used models that work just as well.

To run a stove - wood or pellet - you will need to have the exhaust going outside while you feed outside air in for combustion with dials you can adjust to control the feed rates and the temperature of the stove. A stove like this can also come with a dial that simply turns the stove off.

The amount needed to start the stove is an issue for any owner of a wood or pellet stove. They are safer than a propane heater, and they can run for hours with no noise and no air blowing around. Either stove would be perfect for your garage if installed correctly to give out a lot of heat.

Cutting up the wood itself during cold or harsh weather is a downside of owning a wood stove because it means it would likely put you off working in your garage in the first place, so thinking about which kind of stove you will need is a good idea.

Indeed, some people might think a liquid propane heater is better. Some people find liquid propane heaters a nice, clean and easier alternative, but liquid propane is not cheap and besides some might find a propane or kerosene heater isn't efficient enough to heat a garage sufficiently, though this could simply be because the garage wasn't insulated.

5. Number

5 is difficult because there are so many possibilities for people with garages to keep inside. Some garage owners might go with tool boxes, drills, hacksaws that last forever though are expensive to buy, etc.

Personally, I think a pressure washer is perfect to keep. Sometimes a job - cleaning patio furniture, cleaning the dirt off your car - takes too long and you will find a pressure washer perfect to cut down on the time it takes to do those jobs. A pressure washer comes in various sizes. You don't need a powerful one that's expensive - you only need to spend $100 to invest in a small one that will last for years.

I hope you have found this article useful and informative enough to help you organize your garage.


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