7 Must Have Tools for Every Mechanic -You Should Know

We are surrounded by many mechanical equipment in our home, garage and work station. Most of them have been installed by a mechanic. A mechanic can excel in his work only with the help of his tools, just like we need spoon, fork and knife to eat our food.

 Below mentioned some important tools that are essential for a mechanic to complete his work.

Drill Machine

Drill machine is a very important equipment required by a mechanic. It is needed everywhere starting form hanging a photo in living room to making a multi-storied building.

Its main purpose is boring holes in any object like wood, metals and construction equipment. It is also used for fastening or loosening up of  Nuts and bolts with the use of different sockets. About 10 types of drill are in use these days depending on the usage.

Socket Set

A socket set consists of a ratchet and sockets that are of various sizes, to suit the need of mechanic as per the bolts or fastener that has to be tightened or loosened up. Wrenches are mostly hexagonal in shape on one side in which the suitable sockets can be fitted.

The socket has one side which is different for the nut or bolt that has to fastened or loosened up whereas other side has a standard size that fits in the wrench. Interchangeable ability of different sockets with a same wrench makes it a very useful tool for a mechanic.

Socket Organizer

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A socket organizer is a tray or stand kind of object that is used to hold the extension sockets, adaptors. It gives an easy arrangement for quick accessibility by the mechanic while working on different sized nut and bolts.

It has different opening on it according to size of sockets to hold them properly. It also reduces the space required to stock the various sockets. Its different openings also reduce the risk of misplacing or loss of sockets at the end of the work as user can easily find how many sockets are missing at the end of work. Avoiding the cost of repeated buying the lost sockets.

Tap and Die set

To create the threads used for screwing of nut and bolts tap and die set is used. The die part cuts the male portion or the Nut part by making threads on its outer surface. The tap parts cuts threads on the inside of female part or the bolt.

The thread formed on both parts makes the tightening or loosening of nut bolt. Mechanics use it for making threads according to the size and length of the object where nut bolt has to be used for easy working and proper fitting.

Screw Driver

A screw driver is a tool that is used for rotating screws. It is a simple tool with a handle on one side and other side is a tip that fits in the head of the screw for turning it. The handle has a nice grip for tight holding and turning so that it stays firm in the hands of the user during operation. It has square hexagonal or other shapes for firm holding.

The tip is blade type and cross type for different screws. The tip can be big or small depending upon the usage and size of screw. Some tips are magnetic that help in placing the screws where reaching with hand is not possible and preventing the fall or loss of screw for fast working.


Hammer is a tool that impacts on any object very heavily for breaking, changing shape adjusting, fitting of various parts and driving nails. It has a handle made of metal with a firm grip and a head that is used to hit the object where the impact has to be done. On the other side of the head there is an additional head for different purpose of removing nail or magnetic surface to pick up nails easily.


Pliers are used for holding turning twisting or compressing different objects. It is a pair of moving metal clads joined together with a rivet and having handle on one side (the longer one) of each clad and forged jaws for gripping the object on the other side. For a firm gripping by user.


Humans have been using some the tools mentioned since centuries and these have helped a lot in the development of mankind. Beside slight modifications and development these tools have played a very important role in the hands of a mechanic.


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