Best Well Pressure Tanks Reviews 2018

Best Well Pressure Tanks

Perhaps the most important appliance you need in your house is the well pressure tank. A Best Well Pressure Tanks is designed to make your water system efficient. In addition, it preserves the water pump by preventing wear and tear. This is a modern age appliance, and it consists of bladder and diaphragm. Because of this, you can have a constant water supply without relying on your pump. You can derive many benefits from installing one in your home. You are sure of unlimited access to water in your home. 

The water operates on a high technology mechanism that cut off anything that can prevent the pump from supplying water. Even at a minimum run-time, it can supply sufficient quantity of water that can satisfy your need. Moreover, you need it in your home, because there is nothing like water wastage. The system can assist you to plan your water usage because it lets you know the quantity of water it can make available to you.

Furthermore, the system is inexpensive, and it can save you energy. If you install the system in your home, it can cut down monthly energy bills. You can benefit more when you install larger tanks. Moreover, installing larger tanks can cut down on your electricity consumption. When you are making your choice, look for a superior quality product, it can serve you for more than three decades. There are different kinds of well pressure tanks on the market today, and finding the best among them is not simple. However, when you are looking for one, you have to be definitive of what you are looking out for. Read various reviews, check online forums, and consider expert opinions. All these can help you in making the correct choice. 

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1. Amtrol WX-350

Editors Choice

2. WaterWorker HT-20B

WaterWorker HT-20B

3. Amtrol WX-202

Amtrol WX-202

4. WaterWorker HT-14HB

WaterWorker HT-14HB

5. WaterWorker HT-2B

WaterWorker HT-2B

Best Well Pressure Tank Reviews - Top Picks

To help you further, the best six well pressure tanks are reviewed here. You can choose any of them after considering and comparing their features. Look for those features that serve your purpose more. Here are the six recommended products:

1. Amtrol WX-350 Well Pressure Tank

Makers of this well pressure tank have been in the business of tank construction for many decades. Their products cannot be matched in terms of quality and performance. These are the most durable tanks on the market today. One of the best products from the company is Amtrol WX-350 Well Pressure Tank. It has fantastic features that make it unique. This is a larger tank, and it is designed for institutions and big homes. It is popular in country clubs, nursing homes, and so on.
It is durable and one hundred percent corrosion resistant. It consists of strong polypropylene liner. This does not only make it corrosion resistant, it makes it strong and durable. It is composed of welded stainless steel material, and this prevents air pressure loss. The tank is designed with the finest quality mill steel and this minimizes the weight. They are 38 psi pre-pressurized. Before you install the tank, it is recommended to check the pressure.

It is designed with virgin polypropylene inner liner; this makes it durable by preventing it from cracking. Moreover, it is composed of high strength steel shell. It is obvious from superior materials that the tank can serve you for years. The tank will not burst or crack. When you buy this product, you will have value for your money. 


  • check
    Superior strength pressure tank and this means that it can serve you for a long time
  • check
    It is corrosion resistant, water quality is guaranteed at all time
  • check
    The tank is not difficult to install
  • check
    It is a superior quality well pressure tank


  • check
    It is large and not meant for small homes

2. WaterWorker HT-32B Vertical Pressure Well Tank

This is another superior quality well pressure thank. This is a thirty-two-gallon vertical tank. You can set its pressure to 100 psi. It can satisfy your household needs. Because of the superior quality, this tank remains one of the best in the industry. The weight is 42.7 pounds, and the length is forty-seven inches. Furthermore, because of the strong design, it can hold sufficient volume of water. This means fewer pump runs and reduction in electricity consumption. Most importantly, wear and tear are significantly reduced.

Furthermore, the tank is precharged. The problem of waterlogging is reduced. In addition to that, this is a drawdown tank. The dimensions are 20.9 by 20.9 by 47. 

If you are looking for a superior quality tank, you can always opt for WaterWorker HT-32B. It can contain up to thirty gallons of water, and this is perfect for your needs. To ensure that water pressure is maintained, it consists of composite diaphragm. It does not have any odor. It consists of polypropylene line and this separates smells from pressure. Because of this, you are sure of tasteless and odorless water. 

It is designed to serve you for a very long time. The product is composed of stable, rugged, as well as steel base, and this features a plastic strip. Because of the superior design, the product is resistant to harsh conditions and sunlight. When you buy this product, you are going to enjoy five years warranty. The tank is completely free and safe to use. It is free from any form of contamination and strongly recommended.

The product has many advantages over galvanized tanks and other types of tanks. It is pre-charged, and because of that, those problems associated with other tanks cannot occur with this product. Most importantly, there is a complete water and air separation using a diaphragm. You do not require an air control. Because of the larger drawn down features, there are different benefits you can derive from that. It reduces pump wears and pumps cycles. These tanks are easier to handle, and this is the feature that endears it to users. 


  • check
    Huge drawdown and this saves energy and extends the lifespan
  • check
    It consists of the diaphragm, which is strong and durable this prevents logging
  • check
    It features a vertical tank and because of that, it can fit well into smaller places
  • check
    The tank is designed with durable and corrosion free materials and that is why it is highly durable
  • check
    The tank pressure is not difficult to regulate, just adjust its gauge


  • check
    Only one color is available

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3. Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank Reviews

The model is user-friendly because it is not difficult to install. It is for small homes or residences, and it does not demand sufficient space for it to be installed. This is one of the best on the market and when you buy one, you will have value for your money. The body is composed of a shell made from the best quality steel on the market.
In addition to that, the inner parts of the tank are designed with virgin polypropylene. The material is unique because it is free of corrosion. When you use it, there is nothing like chipping or peeling off the body.
It is composed of the diaphragm and it is strongly secured using a ring seal. The other part such as the air valve is designed with stainless steel. The threading is quite different from other tanks

out there. Rather than threading, it was welded. The essence is to prevent air pressure tampering. Furthermore, it features a dome, which is designed with superior quality and graded steel material. This is good because it makes for additional strength. Moreover, it is pre-pressurized at 38 psi. The tank dimensions are as follows 15 by 15 by 31 and the diameter is 15.38 inches.

If you are looking for a durable and strong pressure tank, you should always opt for this model. Water keeping capacity is twenty gallons. The tank is bacteria resistant and rust resistant as well. This means that when you use this product, you should not be afraid of water contamination. There is nothing like the loss of air pressure, and the welded air is part of the system. It is certain that it is a superior quality tank, and every homeowner will like using it. If you are looking for the best, you should not hesitate to use this. 


  • check
    It is designed with superior quality and reliable material; there is no worry about the quality
  • check
    The product is not difficult to install. Professional should do the installation. You can install it yourself
  • check
    Furthermore, the product does not leak, and the materials used to make it are corrosion free
  • check
    The product is highly durable and you do not need to spend money on this every time


  • check
    Shells can dent on arrival

4. WaterWorker HT-20B Vertical Pressure Well

WaterWorker HT20B is a great product that can keep water charged for a long time. Because of that, it will always store sufficient quantities of water when you require it. It is pre-charged and uses a thick diaphragm. It will always deliver clean water, as it keeps pre-charged air separated from the water. Furthermore, it prevents air loss.
It is designed with a steel shell. This is good because it supplies it with sufficient support and because of that, and it can contain water weight. You are sure of odorless water from the tank. It contains polypropylene liner. It is a twenty-gallon capacity tank. The size is sufficient for your family need.
In terms of design, it is horizontal. You will not find it hard to install it, and it takes less space. Furthermore, it can keep air charged for a long time. It is precharged to psi 25. It is a great product and

when you use it, it can save you energy and water. It is one of the best on the market and it is recommended for homeowners. You can see that it features everything you want.
The unit is designed according to the US regulations. Perhaps the greatest thing you are going to like about it is its ability to prevent contamination. Water from the tank is safe and free to drink.

Designers complied with standards set by ANSI and NSF. The diaphragm is specifically designed. It is flexible and does not have any problem when it is subjected to pressure. It stretches when subjected to pressure and it stretches just like a bladder. Another great feature is that the model is highly durable. The materials used to make it are double of what you get from similar products. Because of that, it is more durable than other similar tanks. The exterior finish is such that harmful elements cannot destroy the tank. It is large enough and that is why it will offer enough reserve, because of this, you can always get water when you need it. 


  • check
    The capacity is twenty gallons and this is sufficient for your purpose
  • check
    It is designed in such a way that it can save you plenty of water and energy and this means that it is cost effective
  • check
    The model is odor free and it is free of any form of contamination
  • check
    The tank is highly durable, it is designed with thick materials, and because of that it can last for a long time


  • check
    It can run rusty water

5. WaterWorker HT-2B In-Line Pressure Well Tank

If you want a well pressure tank that is durable and strongly constructed, you should opt for this WaterWorker product. It can hold up to two gallons of water. It is a heavy-duty construction. The water is free of bacteria, and it is rust resistant. It features Buty1 Diaphragm materials. 

Moreover, it features a polypropylene liner, this makes it rust resistant, and this makes for potable water supply when you need it. Furthermore, it is safe to use as it meets FDA specifications. Most importantly, the product is simple and easy to install. Because of the small capacity, you can install it any place of your choice in your home, especially where the pressure is high.

Apart from satisfying FDA requirements, the product equally satisfies NSF requirements. This means that it is safe to use in America. Perhaps the greatest thing you are going to like about the product is the seamless construction. It consists of polypropylene liner, which cannot peel, or crack. The body cannot affect the taste, as it is tasteless. Furthermore, the water is odorless. The water cannot come to contact with the steel, because of the diaphragm liner. In terms of the thickness, hardly any other pressure tank can compare with it.

Most importantly, it features high gloss enamel. This is great, it ensures the tank is not exposed to harmful elements. The pre-charging level is 25 psi. Moreover, it contains a product manual and this can guide you on how best to use the product. 


  • check
    It is strongly designed and it can serve you for a long time
  • check
    It is safe to use and satisfies FDA as well as NSF requirements
  • check
    The tank does not contaminate water inside it, and this means that it is safe to use
  • check
    The tank does not crack, flake or peel and this is because of the superior diaphragm materials used to manufacture it


  • check
    The installation is not easy; there is a learning curve to it.

6. WaterWorker HT-14HB Horizontal Pressure Well Tank

The water tank is great because it requires a minimal operation. It is highly efficient and saves energy and water. Moreover, the product is highly durable because of the butyl diaphragm materials used to produce it.
The tank features a polypropylene liner and because of that, it will not chip, crack or peel. When you use it, you are sure of having good quality water, which is safe from every form of contamination. Its highest working capacity is 50 psi. This is adequate because it can provide sufficient quantity of water for home use. The outer shell is perhaps the most outstanding quality. It makes the product highly durable. This is designed with the most superior quality steel material. It is horizontal in design and this makes it easy and simple to install.

It features a heavy-duty diaphragm. The advantage of this is that the lifespan is extended. The model can last you for a very long time. Furthermore, the painting system is unique because of the unique painting. Because of that, you can use it in a damp environment. It can lock very well, this makes it airtight, and this makes it serve you for a long time. You can see the features that, this is the better pressure tank and you can derive the value for your money when you use the product.


  • check
    It is durable as it is produced with superior quality butyl diaphragm
  • check
    Air and water do not come to contact
  • check
    It does not smell and the water is not contaminated
  • check
    The working capacity is 50 psi


  • check
    The base or the bottom is not that strong

How To Choose The Right Well Pressure Tank

Are you looking for the best well pressure tank? You have come to the right place. This write up will assist you in making the correct choice. When you are looking for this kind of product, you have to consider the most important features. You have read widely, to know the type of features well pressure tank has, and this can assist you in prioritizing your needs. Unless you are sure of what you are looking for, chances are there that you will be misguided, and you can make a mistake in the end. Here are some important factors to look out for:

Tank capacity is very crucial when you are looking for a pressure tank. This determines the quantity of water. That depends on your need. You should know however that larger tanks occupy more space, but they can contain more quantity of water. Always look for the quantity that can satisfy your water needs.

Furthermore, installation flexibility is equally important when you are making your choice. Check whether you like the design and whether it can fit your home. If you want to set the tank yourself, you have to look for one that is not difficult to install.

Check out this video to learn more about Installation of a Well pressure tanks

Moreover, the tank has to be strongly constructed. The appliance has to be very strong. Ensure that the liner is strong, and it will not crack easily. Moreover, check the type and quality of the material. It has to be strong material, and it should be free of harmful chemicals.

When you are looking for this product, it is advisable to opt for the perfect choice. Perhaps look for the best brand. You can discover this by reading reviews and checking experts’ opinion. Ensure that you opt for those that have a reputation. You can get value for your money.

User manual
The user manual is good, you need it to guide you through the installation process, as well as how to use the product. The manual should be presented in a way it is easy to understand. If possible, ensure that it is available in your language.

Who Needs Well Pressure Tank

Every homeowner, especially those who want unlimited access to tank water needs well pressure tank. They prevent water pump damage and can give you water when you need it most.
It does not waste water and it saves cost. It is good for every household who wants to preserve their water pump. If you get the most efficient one, you can enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best well pressure tank, reviews provided above will assist you. These are the best you can buy with money. You have seen that they are highly durable and reliable. Moreover, they are safe to use as they scale through a standard set for this kind of product. These products are good and they are highly recommended. You are going to get real value for your money.

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