How to Choose the Right Water Tank

How to Choose the Right Water Tank

Slowly but surely, it seems that people are taking matters into their own hands and getting off the grid. One of these ways is through having control over their water supply. With the way some governmental bodies charge a lot of fees to provide water and still fall short of sufficiently doing that, water tanks have become the next best alternatives. They are mostly used for storing water, hauling water from one place to another or even as a septic depending on where you are. 3

How to Choose the Right Water Tank (Things To consider)

Given the way it is a special commodity which does not come cheap; some things need to be considered when choosing a water tank on the market today:

Things to Consider 1: Color

Water tanks are usually of two main colors, black and white. Black absorbs heat more than white. This constitutes the main difference in that the black water tank absorbs heat better than the white one meaning it can help in the prevention of growth of algae among other water-borne organisms.

Things to Consider 2: Location

There are two basic options if you embark on buying a tank for storing water: above ground water storage tank and below ground water storage tank. The above-ground water storage tanks are the ones that usually come in the above tow colors for the obvious reasons. Also, the above ground water storage tanks are smooth and round in shape. Bellow ground water tanks (cistern) are rectangular and a bit rough as they have ribbed constructions making them sturdier compared to the above-ground tanks.

Things to Consider 3:.Transportation

Choose the right water tank for your mode of transportation, if you intend to get a tank you’ll use in hauling water. There are water tanks that have been designed to specifically fit in the bed of different types of transportation surfaces. Some have been designed such that the bottom rests on the bed while the top of the water tank may sit on or above the wheel wells in the case of a truck. For bigger hauling water tanks (i.e. larger capacity) that can fit on a trailer, the recommended option is an Elliptical Tank as they can be secured to the trailer using metal bands.

Things to consider 4: Stick to a specified tank for a specified purpose

A septic tank should be used for a septic system (i.e. wastewater). Also, they may resemble a cistern tank, but differ in color (yellow or blue) and compartments (one or two). Where you live determines the number of compartments your tank will need to have.

Things to Consider 5: Shape

The most common shape is the circular water tank. Different users have different shapes. The round water tanks serve best the above ground purposes while the rectangular water tanks bellow ground purposes. This is because of both the aesthetics and the structural appeal or convenience. Different brands have different rib design for appeal and strength. The bigger the tank the more it should be ribbed.

Other Considerations

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    Adhere to the recommendations stipulated by the manufacturer
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    Ensure the water tank complies with the standards set by the relevant governing bodies
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    Take note of the wall thickness. The more the capacity the more the thickness.

N/B If you need to situate your water tank either on a hillside or into the ground due to aesthetic reasons or because of the height restriction, go for a corrugated style tank as it leaves no unsafe cavities around it.

A water tank should be viewed as a lifetime investment. So when choosing the right water tank, you should not only consider the color or the shape but also peace-of-mind, quality and size. Remember that even though you will never have too much water stored, you can certainly store enough to last you through a dry spell. Match the right tank with the right application so do not fall for the temptation of just going for the cheapest tank you find because by doing so you can end up spending much more in the long run, cheap is expensive!


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